Check out our ‘Rethinking Innovation in Social Finance Report’ here.

The ‘Financing Social Enterprise in Ireland – Models of Impact and Readiness’ consortium are delighted to launch the ‘Rethinking Innovation in Social Finance Report. After 2 years of collaboration with the social enterprise sector, support organisations and social finance expertise we are celebrating our work in the Central Bank 30th November 2022.

The purpose of the project is to contribute to the development of the social finance sector in Ireland by developing financial instruments for social enterprises and supporting the wide range of social enterprise organisations working within any area that falls under the National Social Enterprise Policy definition. At present, there is no tailored financial instrument or specific statutory budget that fits the needs of the growing social enterprise market. Moreover, there is a lack of investment readiness among social enterprises. This project seeks to address these challenges through a participatory approach beginning at the research phase and continuing throughout the project implementation. The outreach, marketing and networking actions will aim to inform and get ‘buy-in’ from stakeholders in the social enterprise landscape.

You can read more about the project through our report here.